This Post Is All About Me… and My Plants

My posts for this blog will usually be about me… and if you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that is no different than our everyday life.  But let me tell you my reasons for this.  I am no expert on writing, publishing, grammar and etcetera.  I know that you can get better info on those things from somewhere else.

In fact, because I am editing my book right now, grammar, especially commas, are the bane of my existence… well, my plants are too.  Why do they need water all the time?  Ever since I’ve gotten it into my head to complete this novel and publish, I’ve let my plants fend for themselves.  Since they can’t, most of them end up dying a slow, lingering death.

It isn’t like I don’t know they need water.  While I’m going through a chapter, I’ll pause and stare off into space trying to find the right word.  Sometimes my eyes will focus and note the yellowing and browning leaves of my poor, neglected plants, and I’ll think ‘I really need to water them… but first let me get this sentence right.’  Then it is the next sentence, then the next, so I forget. Maybe if they screamed when they were thirsty, I would have more incentive.

Some of the plants are still green.  I guess I’m weeding out the weak.  None but the hardiest survive in this house.


I think I’ve gone on long enough about the foliage that occupy my rooms so I’ll bring us back to my original point.  My posts are about me and my experiences in my journey toward publishing my first novel.

There are plenty of blogs out there that are excellent resources for writers at all stages of their career.  My blog… not really one of those resources.  Unless you want to know first hand what worked, or how I failed miserably, thereby  humiliating myself, and the reasons I might have for trying things a certain way.

I really enjoy reading about the lessons learned from other authors.  This blog will pay it forward.  They’ve helped me, and I’d like to help you.  I will share every brilliant, stupid, mundane and exciting thing that happens on my journey.  I hope you enjoy and maybe learn something too.

I’m going to go compost some plants now.

2 thoughts on “This Post Is All About Me… and My Plants

  1. lorieb says:

    the biggest problem with houseplants is that people water them TOO MUCH. I know it sounds ridiculous but put them on a schedule. Water once a week from April to October, every second week from October to April is sufficient. If you do it the same day every week, it is easier to remember.

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