Generosity of the Writing/Blogging Community

Most of the people I interact with through my blog or on Twitter are writers at various stages of their career.  What I have not been able to get over is how incredibly generous they are with their time, knowledge and experience.

One extremely popular blogger, Opinionated Man, reblogged my post, On Step 4 of a Stairway to Heaven… Or Space…  and wrote some very encouraging words in the comments section.  He has over 57,000 followers!  When I said thank you, which is always good form when someone reblogs one of your posts, he replied that he hoped I’d get a few views out of it.  And I did… I had 40 views of that post that day and the next, driving traffic to my other posts as well. I also got 11 new followers around the same time.  It is my highest viewed post so far. Thank you Opinionated Man.

When another blogger, S.T. Capps, who has a blog with great posts on writing resources, read the same post, he offered to swap chapters to critique each others’ work. That is the ultimate in generosity, especially when we all know how little time we have for our own writing, never mind critiquing the writing of someone else.   He also reblogged the post.

I guess it was a good post.  What I’ve learned from this is that people enjoy humour, especially self-deprecating humour, which I have to admit, is not so easy to insert into every post.  Trying to come up with a joke… wait… it will come to me…



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