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A young Mother Nature.

A prince with something to prove.

A ruthless empire about to destroy them both.

Thirteen-year-old Atha, abandoned by her neglectful family at a boarding school, discovers a grandmother bequeathed her an enchanted book that sparkles and warns of danger. Lured from the school and kidnapped, she escapes and, under the book’s navigation, finds herself in Weebit Village—a community of chipmunk-sized characters. There, Atha learns she is Mother Nature. With a new gang of misfits—two bickering weebits, a brawler hired as their guide, and a wolf—she journeys for Nature’s Keep to claim her birthright.

Fourteen-year-old Kaeden, the Heir to Enstria, disagrees with his father’s iron clad rule over their people, but in order to win the crown to improve the lives of their subjects, he must first earn his father’s respect and prove he’s not only capable of ruling, but just as ruthless. When the chance to capture and compel Mother Nature arises, he volunteers for the job, knowing his father will demand the ultimate sacrifice—his principles and her life.

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