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Heartwarming, funny and amazing photos!

Conversations Regarding a Gallbladder Surgery – A True Story

Surgeon: You have a stone of three centimeters in your gallbladder.

Me: The size of a golf ball? Well, I’ve always been an overachiever.

Me: How are you going to get a golf ball through my belly button? You’ll disfigure me!

Surgeon: I’ll have to crush the stone to make it fit.

Me: Crush it? But my friends want to see it. One of them calls it my ‘pearl’.

Surgeon: They don’t allow people to take the stones home anymore.

Me: Well, that’s a shame. I was thinking of making mine into a pendant.

Me: So are you a general surgeon?

Surgeon: Yes.

Me: Like Meredith Grey?

Surgeon: I’ve heard of her. She’s on some show?

Me: Yeah, she’s a rock star surgeon.

Surgeon: I bet she does more than fix hernias and remove gallbladders.

Me: Yeah, once she removed something from a guy that turned out to be his twin. He had absorbed it while they were in the womb. It was really gross.

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Living Planet Index Report in Pictures

Beautiful pictures. Heartbreaking statistics.


Global wildlife populations will decline by 67% by 2020 unless urgent action is taken to reduce human impact on species and ecosystems, warns the biennial Living Planet Index report from WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and ZSL (Zoological Society of London). From elephants to eels, here are some of the wildlife populations most affected by human activity.


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Rebuttal In Defense of Generation Y

This is so true. Gen Y is the first generation ever that will be worse off than their parents.  Love their sarcasm.

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Photos of things around the world…

I just had to share these photos. Nature is so beautiful and amazing.

Why Do I Write? I Already Have a Job…

Image “Write” above via Carmen Kynard Flickr Creative Commons

Below are some ramblings about why I write. I wrote it more for myself than for anyone else. It is a reminder for when I get stressed about the parts of writing that don’t matter in the end. When I started writing — only seriously for the last year — my life changed for the better. I am one of those people that thrive on feeling a sense of accomplishment, of continually learning something new. And writing has fulfilled that need.


When I start to worry about selling the book, I lose all that I’ve gained from writing a book in the first place. I’ve learned so much about myself and my passions in the last year or so. This journey is not about the end goal, it is about my jumping out of bed on weekends to work on something that brings joy and a sense of achievement to my life.

If I get bogged down worrying about what will sell and what won’t, I’ll lose all sense of what I want to convey to my reader. And if only one reader ‘gets it’ then I’ll be happy. My end goal isn’t to be a bestselling author since it is highly unlikely. My end goal is to be happy, to spend time doing something that I’ve always enjoyed doing. Putting my thoughts down on paper and learning how to do it better.

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This Post Is All About Me… and My Plants

My posts for this blog will usually be about me… and if you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that is no different than our everyday life.  But let me tell you my reasons for this.  I am no expert on writing, publishing, grammar and etcetera.  I know that you can get better info on those things from somewhere else.

In fact, because I am editing my book right now, grammar, especially commas, are the bane of my existence… well, my plants are too.  Why do they need water all the time?  Ever since I’ve gotten it into my head to complete this novel and publish, I’ve let my plants fend for themselves.  Since they can’t, most of them end up dying a slow, lingering death.

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Generosity of the Writing/Blogging Community

Most of the people I interact with through my blog or on Twitter are writers at various stages of their career.  What I have not been able to get over is how incredibly generous they are with their time, knowledge and experience.

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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Blog (And Other Lessons I’ve Learned Recently)

I have never reblogged anything but this post inspires me to keep going. I don’t have a large amount of followers but every time someone comments, my heart skips a little. And there are a few friends out there that are writing or thinking of writing… I write the blog for them as well as for me.

I know I will love reading my posts years from now.

I hope you enjoy this post by Eclectic Ellen.

Tone of my last blog

I just received some private feedback about my last blog.  I was told that it made them feel defeated.

That is not good.  I was doing my thinking out loud and doubts do intrude from time to time.

But hear this!  I will publish this novel one way or another.  People will enjoy my book because it IS good.  And it is something of which I will be proud.