First Rejection

I got my first rejection letter from an agent 45 minutes ago.  *sigh*  If this is how it feels after one rejection – my first one, no less – how am I going to feel after 40?  *ugh*

This is going to be very hard on the ego…

8 thoughts on “First Rejection

  1. Skye says:

    Lucky your ego is only your ego and not you!
    40? Stephen King received 30 rejections for, Carrie, and look what came of that!! Maybe you need to write a post on Successful Novels and How Many Rejections They Received just for perspective.

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  2. Aeryn Rudel says:

    Hey, you got the first one out of the way. Congrats. Seriously. You survived. I know that first one hurts, but just bear in mind that every writer gets rejected, no matter how good, and they get rejected a lot. It’s not personal, it’s just part of the gig, and a lot of publishing is getting the right story/book in front of the right editor at the right time.

    So, how will you feel after forty rejections? I can’t say, but I can tell you that I’m well into the triple digits, and rejections do lose some of their sting after the first hundred or so. 😉

    To follow up on Skye’s post, here’s a list of best-selling books that were initially rejected:

    Hang in there, keep writing, and keep submitting that manuscript.

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