Editorial Services

As I was considering self-publishing, I thought I’d check out the editing services that are out there.  Editors are found at each of these websites:

But how do you know that they are any good?

The editor that I contacted would charge $2/page which is apparently the going rate…in Canada… I guess.  But since I had about 300 pages she’d do it for $500 CAN.  I thought about it and suggested that maybe I could send her 50 pages and $100 to see how we worked together.  She agreed.

In the meantime, I decided to query agents first (which will be another blog onto itself).  I asked her if she would proof my query, which she did.  She did not catch that a word was missing from the text.

I did not intend it as a test because it was completely inadvertent.  I only caught it after I received her proof.  It wasn’t a very big word, just three letters… but… if I’m paying that kind of money, I expect perfection.  I told her tonight that I wouldn’t be needing her services and told her why.  Am I being too harsh?

An editor on Goodreads will do it for $300 US… some even much less.

I also have some leads on some local editors.  Going to check those out too. Or do it myself.  $300 US can buy me a remote car starter…

I’m going to be checking out the websites that give you tricks on editing your own work.  *sigh*

2 thoughts on “Editorial Services

  1. Skye says:

    Don’t give up. The Universe has her own timing and, if you keep believing in yourself and never give up on this project, eventually all the right people will fall into place, granting opportunity for your manuscript to be introduced to the world!


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