On Step 4 of a Stairway to Heaven… Or Space…

What step am I on in the book writing/editing/publishing process?  Well, very close to the beginning as it turns out.

For those that are interested, my plan is listed below. (Red checkmarks indicate those items that are complete).  For those that are not, skip to the end of this page or look at the pretty picture above.

  1. Finish book
  2. Friends, who read fantasy, read book
  3. Revise book per comments of friends who read fantasy
  4. Find people who don’t know me – who hopefully read YA fantasy – to read book (aka Beta Reader and others)
  5. Revise book per comments of Beta Reader and others
  6. Read book aloud to hapless husband without either filing for divorce
  7. Revise book as per comments of hapless husband (maybe) and any errors that become obvious during reading aloud exercise
  8. Hire proofreader
  9. Create painful query letter and/or synopsis of book (For clarification: the query letters are not to be painful, just creation of query letters happen to be painful)
  10. Identify agents accepting YA fantasy novels
  11. Email painful query letter and/or synopsis to prospective agents as per their specific submission requirements
  12. Wait for rejections, and hopefully at least one request for further pages
  13. Wait some more
  14. Receive responses from agents

Please note the minimal amount of red checkmarks above.  This is a long and arduous process – maybe even more so for my husband during the ‘reading aloud’ part.

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Social Media for Authors

WBWKY1FQ2IWhy do authors need to use social media?

It turns out that some agents will Google a new writer when they receive a query to see what the author’s social media presence is.  This is because agents just don’t have the time to teach new authors how to use Twitter or set up a blog.  Some agents have indicated that they will not even consider representing a new author who does not have a social media presence.

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Number of Book Pages with a Query

I’m torn.

SmallLogo[1]After receiving my first rejection letter from an agent, I did some more research.  I found a great website that has a list of all the agencies in the world:  LitRejections care of the blogger at Rejectomancy.

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First Rejection

I got my first rejection letter from an agent 45 minutes ago.  *sigh*  If this is how it feels after one rejection – my first one, no less – how am I going to feel after 40?  *ugh*

This is going to be very hard on the ego…