What Readers Look for when Buying a Book

Informative post! I had to share.

Tara Sparling recently wrote a couple of blog posts about  self-publishing; namely, What makes people buy self-published books, and What Puts Readers Off Self-Published Books. I loved them both, an…

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Wattpad vs FictionPress vs Figment

Writing Community Sites

If you are wondering if you should post chapters of your novel on Wattpad or FictionPress or Figment, there is a site that compares the metrics of the domains.  You can find the comparison between:

  • Wattpad versus FictionPress here; and,
  • Wattpad versus Figment here.

From the metrics, it is obvious that Wattpad gets much more traffic.  Wattpad gets over 650,000 visitors a day compared to FictionPress’s 16,000 to Figment’s 5000.

These three sites are very different from Scribophile — you can read about my very positive experience with Scribophile here.

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Generosity of the Writing/Blogging Community

Most of the people I interact with through my blog or on Twitter are writers at various stages of their career.  What I have not been able to get over is how incredibly generous they are with their time, knowledge and experience.

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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Blog (And Other Lessons I’ve Learned Recently)

I have never reblogged anything but this post inspires me to keep going. I don’t have a large amount of followers but every time someone comments, my heart skips a little. And there are a few friends out there that are writing or thinking of writing… I write the blog for them as well as for me.

I know I will love reading my posts years from now.

I hope you enjoy this post by Eclectic Ellen.

Using Your Social Media Contacts to do Research

A few days before Christmas, I saw this tweet:

“So writing from the perspective of a woman is a lot harder than anticipated.  Any advice?  #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #writerslife”

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Social Media for Authors

WBWKY1FQ2IWhy do authors need to use social media?

It turns out that some agents will Google a new writer when they receive a query to see what the author’s social media presence is.  This is because agents just don’t have the time to teach new authors how to use Twitter or set up a blog.  Some agents have indicated that they will not even consider representing a new author who does not have a social media presence.

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