Rick Riordan| ‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard’

Inclusive, witty characters that made me laugh out loud.

This is an awesome book! I really enjoyed it and looked forward to reading subsequent chapters after I got too sleepy to keep going.

It is written from the first person perspective of a 16 year old boy. And do I ever like this kid. He is brave, intelligent and sarcastic. Every sentence, even the chapter titles, are written like he is talking to you directly. Riordan gave him such a witty voice. For instance, the title of one of the chapters is this:

Chapter 4 – Seriously, the Dude Cannot Drive

As you learn more about Magnus, the more you root for him. He is not your typical fantasy wizard or teen heartthrob, but you want him to win. His self-deprecating humour is like nothing I’ve read before.

Best line“For the first time, I felt like my body was humming at the right frequency, like I’d finally been tuned to match the crappy soundtrack of my life.”

He is just another kid, thrust into a world he knows nothing about, and is only trying to do the right thing.

It really makes me want to write a book in first person point of view. Riordan does it so well.

The diverse cast includes a deaf character that uses sign language and a dwarf who doesn’t fit into dwarvian society. The best example is Samirah al-Abbas, a girl who wears a hijab and whose grandparents have arranged a marriage for her.  We learn that in school she is bullied and called a terrorist for being Muslim. With the group she is with, she is just another part of the team. I love how Riordan included her as one of the heroes.

I really enjoyed this book and I learned a lot. I could not recommend it more.