Why Do I Write? I Already Have a Job…

Image “Write” above via Carmen Kynard Flickr Creative Commons

Below are some ramblings about why I write. I wrote it more for myself than for anyone else. It is a reminder for when I get stressed about the parts of writing that don’t matter in the end. When I started writing — only seriously for the last year — my life changed for the better. I am one of those people that thrive on feeling a sense of accomplishment, of continually learning something new. And writing has fulfilled that need.


When I start to worry about selling the book, I lose all that I’ve gained from writing a book in the first place. I’ve learned so much about myself and my passions in the last year or so. This journey is not about the end goal, it is about my jumping out of bed on weekends to work on something that brings joy and a sense of achievement to my life.

If I get bogged down worrying about what will sell and what won’t, I’ll lose all sense of what I want to convey to my reader. And if only one reader ‘gets it’ then I’ll be happy. My end goal isn’t to be a bestselling author since it is highly unlikely. My end goal is to be happy, to spend time doing something that I’ve always enjoyed doing. Putting my thoughts down on paper and learning how to do it better.

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